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IMG_2682Currently, the school has 100 scholars enrolled, of which 54 are boarders. Most learners are profoundly deaf and 12 of them have multiple disabilities. As a result of its strategic planning and reviews, the School Governing Body (SGB) believes the school currently has the capacity to handle 130 scholars of which 80 could be boarders.

A large number of currently enrolled scholars come from severely disadvantaged backgrounds, with families often afflicted by the effects of AIDS and unable to afford part, or in some cases any, of the schooling and boarding fees charged.

The school relies heavily on charitable organisations, private companies and individuals for assistance in providing these children with the specialised education, they desperately need and deserve.



As its main drive to assist families with fee payment, the school runs its “Sponsor-a-Child” programme, where companies, organisations and individuals contribute monies to fully or partially cover the fees of scholars. The “Sponsor-a-Child” programme has been in operation since 2004 and the school is most grateful for the support received so far.

The school seeks donations from a wide body of charitable trusts, national and local service organisations and individuals and is proud of the regular and valued support received from many of them. The budgetary objective for 2014 is to raise as much as possible via this programme to cover fees shortfall.

The school prides itself on keeping donors fully informed as to how their money is spent and the benefits derived and will be putting more emphasis in future on establishing relationships with overseas donors.

The school is a registered Non-Profit Organisation and is able to give South African donors Section 18A Tax Relief Certificates. Any serious potential donor is welcome to apply to the school for a copy of its latest audited annual financial statements.

For future years the SGB aims to raise sufficient funds for the school to increase its enrolment to its next target of 130 scholars of whom 80 could be boarders.


R (SA Rand)

$ (Dollar)

£ (Pound)

€ (Euro)

Tuition 11 740
Boarding 21 060
Total 32 800 2 290  1 740  1 963 


The school humbly appeals to anyone who has empathy with its objectives, to consider assisting with a full or partial sponsorship to assist a needy child.

If more information is required, please contact the school’s fundraiser, Alta Du Toit,
by email at or by telephone at +27 31 7671215

If you would like to make a contribution by Electronic Funds Transfer, the school’s bank account details are:

Fulton School
First National Bank, Hillcrest Branch,
Branch Code: 223726
Account Number: 594 000 14335

Or if you prefer, a Pledge Form and Bequest Form are available on this Website for your completion.


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