The land and buildings occupied by the school are registered in the name of the “Bishop of Natal’s Fulton Trust”. They are unencumbered and Fulton School for the Deaf has the right to use them for its educational purposes in perpetuity at no cost. 

The KwaZulu-Natal Education Department makes an annual contribution to the School which assists towards partial payment of LTSM, services, special programmes and the rollout of South African Sign Language. However, it no longer assists at all with payment of salaries of the 33 staff members employed by the SGB.  

The subsidy is thus insufficient to deliver the quality education which Fulton School for the Deaf is committed to provide. As a result, the school charges school and boarding fees to the families of learners and relies on fundraising to provide for the additional staffing, LTSM, capital and service costs. While these fees are charged, many of our learners come from very low income families and can thus not afford the fees they are charged.  

The school’s auditors are Luiz and Associates and its bankers are First National Bank. 

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