In 1958, Mr and Mrs JK Fulton, generously donated their property which included the main house, ancillary buildings and the large plot to be used to establish a school for Deaf children in Natal. The sponsoring body was the Natal Diocese of the Anglican Church and the School opened on 31 January 1959 with an initial enrolment of 3 learners. Within three years, the learner numbers had risen to 17. 

Loans were provided by the Natal Provincial Department of Education, which enabled extensive additions to be made to the School infrastructure. By 1976, classrooms, additional freestanding hostels, a hall and an office block had been added and the enrolment had reached 70, later to reach in excess of 100. 


School leadership 

The school is blessed with a management team which is knowledgeable and experienced, and above all – passionate about the education of Deaf children.   

Principal: Odette Swift 

Deputy Principal: Thobile Mngoma 

Departmental Heads: 

Foundation Phase: Nicole Robson 

Intermediate Phase: Cheryl Devnath 

Senior and FET Phases: Asiya Essop 

Special Programmes: Nicole Chetty 




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