On 11 March 2016 the Summit hosted the National Disability Awards ceremony to celebrate persons with disabilities and disability activists who have excelled during 2015.

Samkelisiwe (Samke) Mshuqwana an past learner at Fulton School was awarded the abovementioned bursary.  This bursary will enable Samke to complete her studies at the University of the Free State.

Samke was born as a hearing child but at age three she contracted meningitis which left her profoundly deaf.  Since then she uses South African Sign Language as her first language, and also makes use of hearing aids.  Samke orphaned at a young age, attended Fulton School for the Deaf for her entire schooling career, and managed to complete her matric through sponsorships and fee concessions.

Samke is a very ambitious and determined young lady who wants to achieve the following in life:

  • She wants to have good education, a solid career and become an ambassador for the Deaf community
  • She is very keen to prove that disability is not something to be ashamed of or something to be defined by, rather something to be embraced and be happy with as one aspect of who you are.

Samke has been accepted by the University of the Free State to do a bridging year towards full enrolment for a Bachelor’s degree in 2017.  The University Preparation Programme, which targets learners from disadvantaged background, is not funded by NSFAS or other bursaries as it is an extended programme, and the INSETA bursary therefore enables Samke to realise her dreams.  Samke’s special achievements are:

  • Completed her matriculation in 2015, passed with a Diploma
  • Awarded the Grade 12 subject prize for English first additional language in December 2015.

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