Recent Achievers

Robyn Swannack

Robyn started her school career at Fulton in 1998 at the age of 3.  In 2002 her family immigrated to Australia.  In 2009 Robyn returned to Fulton School to finish her school career.

After completing matric she enrolled for a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology at the University of Cape Town.  She graduated in December 2015.

Currently Robyn is doing her Honours Degree in Anthropology.


Ashley Hodgkinson

Ashley, 25, born profoundly Deaf started her school career at Fulton School from 3 years of age.  She remained at Fulton until the end of Grade 9.  From Grade 10 (FET phase) she chose to attend a mainstream school and moved to St Benedicts School.  With no interpreter available through her mainstream school days, her mother Mary-Anne literally became Ashley’s ears from Grade 10 onwards and through her four years at Embury College where she studied.

She has now graduated from Embury College with two distinctions in a Bachelor of Education Foundation Phase. Ashley’s success is testament not only to her tenacity but also to her mother’s love and commitment.

Ashley is currently working at a deaf school in Johannesburg as a foundation phase teacher.



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