Fulton School gets a studio

On Tuesday 13th August 2019, Fulton School for the Deaf became the proud new hosts of a filming studio – thanks to Container Conversions. Learners at Fulton do South African Sign Language (SASL) as their home language subject, and the studio will be used to support the development of SASL texts. However, it will also be used for various other purposes such as the filming of stories of the Deaf community of Durban, SASL poetry by Deaf poets of KZN and photography as part of the Creative Arts and Visual Arts offered at the school. “We know that this space will be one for creative expression, literary exploration and historical documentation,” said Odette Swift, Principal of the school. “We are so thankful to Container Conversions for this amazing gift which is not only a gift to the school but to the Deaf community of Durban and KZN at large.” Kelly Bosch, external sales representative at Container Conversions who facilitated the donation, watched the installation of the unit with baited breath along with many of the learners and teachers. “Container Conversions is proud of our ongoing CSI initiatives and is excited to be associated with Fulton School. We trust that there will be many stories told and texts created and smiles generated in the new studio,” Bosch said. If anyone would like to support the school you are welcome to email the Principal at fulton@iafrica.com or call 031 767 1215. Container Conversions can be contacted on 031 769 1100 or email salesdbn@container.co.za.”


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