2014 Sustainability Living Exhibition

Four of our learners and two teachers participated at this exhibition at Durban Exhibition Centre on 22 August.

They decorated their stall with photo’s of their garden at school and sold their fresh produce (brinjals, green beans, spring onions, thyme and lemon grass).

The Fulton stand got a lot of attention with people wanting to know more about the school and what we do at Fulton.

The learners gained a lot of insight into what was being offered on display at the exhibition.  They learnt about the interesting and unusual way bio gas is accessed.

They enjoyed the live entertainment offered from various schools especially the signing choir from Kwa-Thintwa School for the Deaf who signed the National Anthem.

Many schools were represented with a range of displays regarding materials made from recycled goods.

The learners enjoyed the day and look forward to next year’s event.

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