The Principal and staff are responsible to the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education for the curriculum taught, the educational results achieved and disciplinary matters affecting scholars and state-paid staff.

The School’s finances and all other matters are handled by the School Governing Body (SGB).

The SGB is constituted as laid down by the regulations contained in the South African Schools Act. Consequently, parents, staff and scholars are strongly represented.

In addition, the SGB has several co-opted outside members who are professionally qualified in Business, Finance, Law and Medicine. Some of these professionals have been members of the SGB for many years.

The SGB has sub-committees which deal effectively with Finance, Grounds and Buildings, Academic Facilities and Fundraising.

Annual Budgets are prepared and approved by the SGB and effective control is exercised over expenditure.

Strategic Planning is carried out on a regular basis where long and short-term objectives are reviewed and strengths and weaknesses examined.

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